ENVE Racing

Coming back from Injury

DNF-knew I was going to just Swim/bike

 After a severe knee sprain in January, my year has not started off as planned. Sprained my knee in January and feared I'd torn my meniscus. Lots of ice, stretching and tests, proved it was just a sprain and arthritis under my knee cap. I've been managing the pain and rebuilding strenght around the knee to help. I decided to still travel to Florida to do the race as a long swim/bike training day. It was my first open water swim of the year.  With the temps the swim was not wetsuit leagal, had not had a non suit legal swim in quite some time. The bike was windy and I was pleased with where my split was, giventhe knee pain I was having. I knew I wasn't in running shape to complete the run and after knee pain set in on the bike, I decided to not even try the run. I need to focus on continuing to build strenght in that knee and build my running back up. After the great long brick at IM Florida, I am focusing on Connecticut in june and getting stronger for that. 

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