ENVE Racing

Getting back to form!

April 27, 2019 - I have had IT band issues which slowly got me slower, heavier, and honestly a little disillusioned with my tri career. The journey has been interesting with dry needles, nutritionists, and a great team here but i am back!

 I have been on the road to recovery since fall of 2016. An IT band twinged caused knee pain that had me not run fast in 2017 and not at all in 2018. so this was an emotional race

Recap - Swim - water == 61F

new coach made a giant swim difference as i was easily about 20% faster, albeit the cold caused a cold water panic once in the swim

Bike - race bike "vengeance" Felt AR-1 with deep ENVE wheels

Bike was over the top - 19.9mph on a fairly hilled course, i was smoking people and sitting at a solid 265W over the ride with a lot of power left to spare. I should say here GET A SMART TRAINER AND TRAIN ALL WINTER. it makes a world of difference

Run - with my own selected "ENVE colors" shoes

I had a solid run for me - i was expecting ~ 11 min mile and got nearer to 10 - was enough to hold off everyone behind me. now i feel more confident in the legs and will be expecting more next go round


overall very very pleased and have my thoughts about improving for next race!

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