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Wild and ruggedWild Horse, Delle, Utah April 27, 2019 I completed the Wild Horse gravel race in beau

May 03, 2019 - Perfect day to get dirty in western Utah

 Wild Horse, Delle, Utah

April 27, 2019

I completed the Wild Horse gravel race in beautiful, remote Delle, Utah on April 27, 2019. It is 

remote enough that the whole course has only 5 total strava segments (one of which is the 

entire race loop). As this was an early season race, with evidence of the snowy Utah winter still 

visible in the the snowcapped Wasatch and Oquirrh mountains. I chose the Little Wild Horse 

course, 32 miles of rugged dirt roads located about 45 minutes west of SLC. I was able preridde 

about half the course the week before, having had to turn back as a lightning storm came in 

over the Great Salt Lake. Race day was nothing like that, as I awoke to bright sunshine and crisp 

45 degrees, which warmed up to the low 50’s by race start. The beginning is a fast dirt road, 

which was a bit rutted due the wet winter and recent rains. I rode comfortably with the lead 

group, until a sharp rut knocked my chain off (didn’t think that would happen with 1x but it 

did). Got the chain back on quickly, and hopped in with another group before summinting the 

first hill, rewarded by a fast descent on wide, smooth gravel road. The course then ascended 

three short, very steep (15%?) pitches, and the deep sand made a brief hike-a-bike. After which 

I rode with a small group around the back side of the course for about 5 miles. At this point, the 

real climb began. I felt good on the climb, rode alone up rugged, rocky double track, passing 

several riders on the way. I ended up with the 6th fastest ascent based on the 48 racers who had 

strava times (the official KOM of the event). Once I summited, the fun began, as I started the 

fast, steep rocky descent down the other side of the pass. 650b/47mm tires were the right 

choice for the descent (though I did get passed by a couple on dual suspension mountain 

bikes!). The ride in to the finishing stretch was fast and fun, there was even a herd of namesake 

wild horses that ran along with us about a half mile or so. I had a great experience, was pleased 

with both my early season effort. I learned: 1. I need to get better about descending on the 

gravel bike. 2. Gotta figure out that chain drop. 3. Taco truck after gravel race = great thing

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