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A muddy race!

May 09, 2019 - Biblical rain, muddy conditions, fight until the end, come out first!

 The previous night a biblical rain fell on the entire route. The directors of the event suggested cutting some sections because access was very limited.

As for my preparation, the truth is that I could do things fairly well, such as resting the previous days, sleeping well and eating properly.

A few days before, I prepared the bike with which I was going to compete and obviously go out and try the machine. Try to see some forecast of the weather to choose the tires well, to get the suspension ready, new brake pads, lubricated chain, all so as not to arrive with surprises to the event.

The night before the event, I checked that everything was ready, with the vehicle loaded, nutrition ready, the kit ready, and the bike with its number.

The expected day arrived, everything as planned until the game, we got ready, and well it was time to go out and give it a pedal. For half the race there, the group was reduced considerably, I focused on having the runners of my category in view at all times. For the Km 50 I made my attack in a long climb that I already knew, and only one competitor could reach me, we reached a plain and entered the last stretch of clay. That's where the race got tough, I started having problems with the transmission due to all the mud accumulated on the bike. It was a fight until I could push the bike, with the chain between the chainring and the frame, until the last descent to the asphalt. I dug everything I could until I could put the chain in its place and leave with everything I had left in the tank.

There I was able to retake some positions until I passed the first of the competition with about 600 meters from the finish line. When I got to the finish line I did not really know what position I had reached, in the end they gave me my official time (personal record) and my position in my category and in the general.

What experience! I can not be happier!

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