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IM Connecticut Recap

June 03, 2019 - Connecticut race recap, delayed swim, hills, hills and more hills...

It as a hectic morning with the shuttles being a little messed up and taking 40 mins to get to transtition from the parking lot, it was only a couple miles away. With lots of athletes still not even to the event site, they were lenient on transition closing. For once mother nature was looking out for the us stressed, timecrunched athletes. The fog was pretty heavy and they decided to shorten and postpone the swim start.

After a 1/2 mile swim it was off to the bike.  With living and training in a hilly area, I am always skeptical when I read race reviews and they warn of how hilly the bike and run are. Well they were not joking on these reviews. I'd done shorter training rides with similar elevation gain, and the hills just weren't the same. I felt pretty good on the bike until about mile 42 when I started to feel a pinch in between my neck and shoulder. This was a huge issue leading into IM Chattanooga last fall, and I thought I was finally in a better place with it. By the time got off the bike, my neck was so stiff and a tension headache was settling in. After having to DNF Haines City 70.3, That was not an option. So I set out on the run. I Saw my husband in the first 1/2 mile and he messaged it a few mins. After that, I just hoped i could find a comfortable pace to settle into.  Thankfully I could and manage to cross the line. It was a hard fought one yesterday, but those are sometines the most rewarding!

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