Enve Racing

Truckee Dirt Fondo

June 09, 2019 - My first foray into dirt endurance events and this one was fantastic!

 Started the day with very little expectations and just wanted to nail my nutrition as it's been a struggle for me throughout my years racing. The race started out fast and I stuck with the 2nd group until the first big push on the 1st climb then I decided to save the gas for the upcoming long and steep climbs up ahead. Played the sag climb game going up the major climbs and tried to keep the rubber side down some fast, rutted, and rocky descents, avoided a few people stopped for mechanicals. The descents actually took quite a bit of toll on my body that was starting to fatigue as we came out of the forest on to a good stretch of rolling road section  into what I thought was the last climb of the day, but sure enough it wasn't.. one last good climb was left in the final miles to take it to the finish line and surely enough I was feeling it.. but just pushed when I could and got to the end. Crossed the finish line with tired smile on my face and went straight for a beer and some food. Fantastic event overall and can't wait to do more of these and start challenging my time and distances.

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