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June 16, 2019 - 3rd place finish at XTERRA Lory off road triathlon

 Had a surprisingly good race at XTERRA Lory considering the past 2 weeks leading into the race.  XTERRA Lory is in my backyard, so my hubby and I signed up last year and had so much fun we decided to do it again this year.  It's a semi-sprint off-road triathlon with a wicked run (~5mi with a monster 1.5 mile single-track climb).  Keep in mind the last time I got my mountain bike off the bike rack was this very race in 2018!  I am not a mountain biker, but mountain biking is a blast (but I kind of suck at it because I'm a chicken).  I have an old Specialized full suspension bike that's probably 10+ years old with 26" non-ENVE wheels (do they make 26" wheel mtn bikes anymore??), so it must be wicked slow! : )  Normally, the bike leg is my weapon in triathlon.  This year we took my daughter to Jamaica for a week, and the main exercise we did was taxing our liver with Jamaican rum.  We managed to sneak in a few brief workouts including running all out up a driveway in the all inclusive resort.  The first time I did this it was a blast so we went back for more 2 days later (I was still sore and tight in my hamstrings). I managed to injure my hamstring a bit on rep 6 up the hill so aborted immediately and did what I could to treat it (my excuse for a massage on the beach).  I spent the next week trying to heal my hamstring which really limited my ability to train (so now it's 2 weeks of over indulgence and limited training). I was using every trick I could to get that thing healed up including Compexing, Rapid Reboot compression therapy, massage, ice, and even adhesive pads with penetrating heat ointment while at work.  Race day arrived and I couldn't even feel any pain in my leg at all.  It was pretty much a miraculous healing event, so away I went to the race.  I was in a later wave (wave 5), which is not where contenders for the podium start (they start in the early waves that go off 20-22 min earlier).  I discovered why that was after a great swim and solid first lap of the bike.  Lap 2 I was joined by all of the beginner mountain bikers who were participating to finish safely and were not really "racing."  There was a line of 20+ of them over the course of the 2nd lap of single track, so I lost a bit of time there, but a part of me enjoyed the mellow pace, camaraderie among riders, and low risk riding (since I'm a chicken on a mountain bike).  Off the bike and on to the hill climb run...that went well and I managed to finish in 3rd in my age group (W50-54).  I was so ecstatic and thankful to have no pain in my hamstring throughout the entire race and it remains that way today...woo hoo!!  A succesful and fun day at a fabulous event!

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