Enve Racing

Loveland Lake to Lake Oly

June 23, 2019 - 1st AG and 2nd female overall!

 Fun and frozen day at the Lake to Lake Triathlon! Only the brave (and stupid) raced, but well worth it!  When my husband and I arrived along with other friends and fellow racers, we all just sat around for a long time trying to make a final decision on whether to race.  In the end, we went for it.  Water temp was 60 degrees at best, air temp was about 48 degrees and raining.  T1 was a bit comical as I ran off like usual forgetting to put on extra clothing but then remembered (only about 40 ft from where I got my bike, and quickly turned around, reracked the bike and applied my warm clothing).  Then I got out in my usual fashion at the mount line with shoes clipped into the pedals, but could not feel my feet, so it literally took me 1/4 mile to finally get my feet into my shoes and another 1/4 mile before I fastened the straps. I wore a plastic cycling rain coat on the bike and full finger gloves and that kept me warm as I was hammering as hard as I could.   My legs however, were still very freezing!  The ENVE wheels help me set a bike PR for the course and 5th fastest of all time on Strave : ). When I got to T2, my feet were totally frozen...I had trouble getting my shoes on once again and then it felt like I was running on prosthetic limbs made of round balls of cement for a solid 4 miles before some semblance of feeling started to return.  Even my calves were frozen!  The sensation in my feet started to return by mile 5 and along with that, my ability to run faster.  Finished 1st in my age group and 2nd female overall and my husband also won his age group!  Fun day...now that it's over.

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