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08/12/2023 Leadville Trail 100 MTB

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10/22/2022 Big Sugar
08/14/2022 Breck Epic 6th AG
08/13/2022 Leadville Trail 100 568th Overall 25th AG
07/24/2022 RAGBRAI NA
07/09/2022 Crusher in the Tushar 12th AG 331st overall
06/03/2022 Gravel Triathlon National Championships 14th Overall 1st AG
06/03/2022 UNBOUND Gravel 78th Overall 2nd AG
05/21/2022 Ironman Tulsa 141st Overall 2nd AG
05/14/2022 Gravel Locos 2nd AG
04/16/2022 Red River Riot 8th Overall 1st AG
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steven mudgett

Dallas, Texas

Primary Discipline(s) Triathlon, Off Road Triathlon, Mountain Biking, Gravel Cycling, Masters Swimming, Road Running, Skiing
Post-Race DrinkBeer
Off-Day ActivityThere are no off days

Been involved in racing for 6 decades initially in gym class, then in HS, college and into adulthoood. After a 7 year stint as a Pro-Triathlete in the 80's, then raised 4 kids while dabbling in everything from cyclocross, MTB, xc skiing, trail running and long bike rides with friends. 21 years later I got invited to join a local tri team for a sprint and one thing led to another and boom I was back in Kona.